Our Infrastructure

Since inception in 1981, SSV VALVES is backed by a Management team entrusted to customer satisfaction and progress through reliability. Now expanded SSV TECHNOCRATES with Modernized Technology & High Productivity, specialized for Defence, High Performance, Locomotive , Marine,Power Generation and Automotive Engine Valve Spindles,Valve Seat Inserts , Valve Guide and Valve Tappets.

Induction Casting Machine

Casting Furnace

"SSV foundry casting process enhancing standard of our products."

In House melting induction furnace for super alloy casting Valve Seat Inserts and Valve Guide. Capacity : 200 KGS (Dual Crusable)

Metallurgical Laboratory

Metallurgical Laboratory

"Critical analysis is most important feature of testing our products.”

SSV provides us to develop and test those typical materials which our customers require, under the supervision of our expertise with modernized instruments such as Spectro Meter, Metallurgical microscope, Micro hardness tester.

Automatic CNC Machine


"Our machining precision creates advantage for our customer and for us to grow in the competitive business world.”

Highly equiped and well organized automatic CNC machinaries provides flixbility and ability to provides accuracy for complexion and high volume production, Grinding machines, Stellite filling Machine with rod and plazma powder on the special requirements, Drilling Machines etc which efficiently brings the customers concepts into a production.

Engine Seat Inserts Quality Control Machine

Quality Control Lab

“Quality commitment is our promise in each product.”

SSV offers you advanced manufacturing technologies to produce the highest quality products for our customers. The products are strictly inspected under the highly modernized inspection laboratory equiped with the Tesa Scan Machine, Profile Projector, Contour Machine, Roundness tester etc. for the minute testing od the dimensions.